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Sword Enamel Pin

Sword Enamel Pin

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This pin features the ODM sword among campanula flowers, a recurring symbol in the anime. This hard enamel pin is approximately 3 inches long, and features two rubber pin backings. The rubber backings are extremely secure in order to prevent the pin from falling off.

Three pin grades available: GRADE A, GRADE A-, and GRADE B.
Grade A: Near “Perfect” Pins, with little to no flaws on the enamel or metal.
Grade A- : Small areas of pin are under filled or not filled. May contain small scratches or air bubbles. These pins aren’t perfect, but they aren’t that bad either.
Grade B: These pins are slightly imperfect. They have a few small flaws or one major flaw that are not visible from afar. Flaws may include scratches, dents, low enamel fill, or air bubbles.


4x6 inches

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