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Set Your Heart Ablaze Pin

Set Your Heart Ablaze Pin

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“Set Your Heart Ablaze” hard enamel pin. The pin is hard enamel, gold plated, and is 60mm by 51.4mm (2.36”x2”). It features the iconic phrase by the Flame Hashira Rengoku Kyojiro. There are two variants, one with glitter inside the heart and one without glitter.

All pins have polishing marks, tiny streaks on the enamel. This is not a flaw, but rather the result of the polishing process for enamel pins. These streaks are only visible under specific lighting and close inspection. By purchasing a pin, you are agreeing to our grading system.

Grade A: Near “Perfect” Pins, with little to no flaws on the enamel or metal.
Grade A- : Small areas of pin are under filled or not filled. May contain small scratches or air bubbles. These pins aren’t perfect, but they aren’t that bad either.
Grade B: These pins are slightly imperfect. They have a few small flaws or one major flaw. Flaws may include scratches, dents, low enamel fill, or air bubbles.


4x6 inches

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