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KNY "Tag Along!" Enamel Pins

KNY "Tag Along!" Enamel Pins

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These pins are hard enamel, gold plated, and are approximately 1.3-1.5 inches tall. Each pin has two rubber backings. Four pins available: Older Brother (1.5 inches tall), Little Sister (1.3 in), Boar Kid (1.5 in), and Thunder Boy (1.4 in). If a certain pin set/ pin grade is sold out, please message us so we can assist you.

All 4: includes all four pins
Trio: includes Older Brother, Boar Kid, and Thunder Boy
Siblings: includes Older Brother and Little Sister

Grade A: These pins are the best of the batch. There may be a few small flaws only noticeable under intense scrutiny.
Grade A-: These pins may have some flaws on several areas of the pin. Flaws are not visible from afar.
Grade B: These pins have many small flaws or one major flaw. Flaws are obvious when looking at pin. Flaws may include: discolored sections, low enamel fill, scratches, air bubbles, missing metal.


4x6 inches

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